Are you ready?

There’s really little that’s as much fun as house-hunting. You know we’re right – it’s the ultimate shopping experience.  It’s exhilarating and exhausting all in one.  We’re big fans of making sure that you have everything you need when you starting on this road to purchasing a home – whether it’s your first or your fifth. That’s our job – it’s what we do best.

But we’d also be remiss in our obligations to our customers if we weren’t making sure that you know exactly what you’re getting into when you come into homeownership.  It’s a wonderful step – but it’s a big one. So in order to make sure that you’ve thought through the whole process before we begin the whole process.

So, how do you know you’re ready to buy a home? Well, it’s a decision you have to make yourself – except the finance part. We’ve definitely got you covered there when you’re ready to get approved. But before that, why not try asking yourself these questions?

  1. Can you afford the payment? I mean – can you really afford the payment? Have you figured out exactly what goes into your monthly housing expenses, including insurance on top of the mortgage payment? Are you putting some away for your property taxes? What about upgrades and repairs? You’re going to want to make sure that you don’t become so strapped financially with a house you can just barely afford that you won’t be able to afford to take care of it.  And maybe buy a throw pillow or welcome mat.
  2. Are you ready to stay in one place? That’s not to say you’ll never have another adventure, but have you settled down to the point that you’re not looking to up and relocate? Do you have a habit of job-hopping either for exploration or career development? It’s a good idea to think in 5-year increments if you’re planning on making a purchase as large as a house. Make sure you’re ready for that kind of commitment.
  3. How handy are you? Things break. It’s a thing. The good part about renting is when things break around the house, it’s usually not your problem. You make a phone call and it becomes someone else’s problem. Once you sign on that dotted line, that leaky water heater you just may experience the first morning in your new home becomes your problem. Can you fix a leak? Caulk a window? Or at least phone the handy man.

There are other considerations to take into place, but this is a good bit of soul-searching to see how comfortable you are with the idea of becoming home-owners. Are you still ready?

Good. We’re ready too. Let’s get this show on the road.


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