So – how much do you love winter shopping?  For obvious reasons, it’s the best time of year for seasonal sales! Holidays, parties, and promotions galore put people in the mood to whip out their credit cards without a second thought.

If you’re in the market for a new home – don’t discount the real estate market as being one of those areas where you may just find the best seasonal deals.  If you’ve ever wondered whether you should hang up your house hunting boots in the winter, here are 4 reasons to get ’em laced up tight.

  1. MOTIVATED SELLERS:   Whether because their house has been on the market for some time, or they have to list for relocation in the winter months (or just because they hate having to keep the walks shoveled all the time)  typically sellers are more motivated to sell quickly during the winter months – leaving you with the upper hand when it comes to negotiations and getting the best deal possible. Which leads us to …
  2. LOWER PRICES: Motivated sellers equals lower prices. Lower prices means more house for your money. More house for your money means – well, reasons to take advantage of all those other winter deals!
  3. SEASONAL INSIGHT: Mother nature can be a vicious taskmaster. She waits until the wettest, coldest months to take aim at your house and see which ways she can enter in.  Good news? Winter shopping means less surprises down the line. And finally?
  4. WIDE OPEN OPTIONS: You may not know about this – but not everyone is as brave as you when it comes to braving the elements. That means less competition for you, and more options available when searching for a place to hang up your (fuzzy winter) hat.

Ready to dive in and start the search for your new home? Give us a call, and we’ll start you on the road to your own personal winter wonderland.



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